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Beside every care, food and treatment that we give these animals, they need love and a warm home. Help them now to find a loving home . Here we publish every dog , cat and animal who is in a desperate need for a loving home. We are doing our best to vaccinate , sterilize , clean and feed those who we find in the street , but until we will have Rocky’s project done and ready to work , please help us to find homes for those little ones we found so far . Be a bridge between those who find them alone in the street to those who are willing to adopt them into their life / These animals are looking for a family who can adopt them and give them a permanent home. We are looking for families who are willing to look beyond their beauty, breed and give them all the love and care they deserve for the rest of their lives. Accept them the way they are and remember that they will be much more grateful for you once you will decide to love them right. You are more than welcome to come meet our animals and if you have other pets at home please do get them along as well. So you can know your new animal before you will take home and making him as your new friend. By adopting them you will give to a lost spirit hope for the life and the opportunity to another animal to be part of our foundation and maybe one day he/she will be adopted too.

Adoption Section



Milo is 4 years old and he is looking for a warm home. He is a dog full of energies and desire to live. He was bad injured when we found him in the street and thanks to our vets he went back to himself very fast. Now he just wants a family to live with.



Lusinda is 5 years old and the only thing that she wants is to be petted, to receive and give love. Even if you try to feed her , the first thing that she will do is coming and ask for petting, later she will choose the second priority.



Rex is only 5.5 years old and looking for someone to protect. He is the most protective dog that we have met. The kind that will risk himself for his owner.



Bella is only 1 years old , like to sleep a lot and to play with a cotton ball. We found her alone in the bushes by her cute mewh.



Johnny was found by the Road near my work. He is 1 years old and very cute, lovely puppy. And he is asking for your attention .



Rona is 1 years and a half and very scared puppy. When we found her she was bleeding from her leg that now is missing, but at least we save her life. Now she is looking someone who she can trust and not to be scared of .So prepare much of love for this little sweetheart!



Mia is 2 years old . She is the spirit of our cats and the most happy cat, full of energies. She is looking for love and someone who will play with her.



Bubi is 4 years old . Looking for the right family that he can live in happy and free from the street’s life.. He is very calm and full of love to give, you just need to give him some time.

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