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About Us:

Rocky`s foundational is based in Albania and the idea to open this spiritual place has existed for many years as a desire to save as many poor animals as possible that are out there in the streets without a shelter, food, love or protection. Unfortunately we cannot give to all of them a shelter but we can feed, protect and take care for them .We will focus mainly on those who are in very bad condition who cannot take care of themselves properly .
Using an SOS phone line that will help you all to communicate with us and reach them easily. We are thanking you in advance for any assistance and support you will help those poor little souls and to us to reach them out there .
Rocky’s offers support and help for every animal on the street such as dogs , cats , donkeys , horses ,cows and other animals who need urgently our rescue.
Our foundation is not focus only in dogs, but in every animal that is in a bad condition on the streets. The goal of ROCKYS is to build the 50 houses and to be available to take care for them and for the others that are still out there in the streets.

Please open your heart and your pocket and help us to reach our target and make Rocky’s dream alive more than ever. All donations to Rocky’s will help us to accomplish our main project that will include the main foundation. Facilities will include a main office , clinic , living room for the animals , a small cemetery, ambulance , medicines , sterilize process and mainly food to keep them healthy and happy with us .

Beside the main facility and urgent services we provide we will take actions in the following elements as well :


Rescue animals from the streets:

As one of our missions, wounded animals will be rescued with our ambulance and be delivered to our clinic where our vet will be waiting for recovering and first aid respond. Once the animal is diagnosed and provided with immediate & emergency treatment which includes surgery and other life saving procedures as required, it will be waiting in the recovery section for the right adopter or will be remaining at Rocky’s to live in peace and harmony among other animals who were rescued as well.


Food distribution:

One of the most important activities that we have is feeding healthy street dogs that we will keep monitor in different areas . Hot summer days will be dedicated to provide water tools with fresh water . Different point areas will be controlled by us and our staff will let dry food sp the healthy dogs can enjoy a good weekly supply of food.



Abandoned animals will be transferred into the adoption section , where they will be socialized and made ready for adoption to a good home. In our website and social medias we will keep publishing day by day their pictures , info and properties , so those of you who are willing to host and provide an warm home will be blessed and very much appreciated !


Report and abuse:

Unfortunately not all people are like us animal lovers many of them abuse and use violence and other horrified ways with them. Help us to stop it ! Report to our SOS line for any abuse or misbehave of an animal ! We will do the best to use our legal channels to interfere and save that animal from their hands ! Ignoring these cases will only lead into multiply cases later on in the future , so please don’t ignore an animal in need and do the right thing !


Small cemetery:

Sadly , some animals do die sometimes for different reasons .
It’s important for us to give them a proper and respectful burial in a peaceful and safe place in our property , where they can be in peace forever .  

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