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Help Us


To achieve Rocky’s vision and our plan to help all these souls away from danger and the rough street we need as much more support as possible .
Your help , small or big will be appreciated by us and of course these little creatures to achieve better life and conditions .
Shelter , medical treatments , food , caring , hosting and supporting them carry a great cost and human care . We are welcoming you to support in any way possible to our project and to make this dream ALIVE .
Please open your heart for us , offer your kind help in any possible way that you can .
Become a donator , volunteer or a sponsor will help us to make another big step to our goal !

The way how you can help is:


☆ Donate:

We don’t receive any support from the government, the only support for us is YOU.
Every person that want to help, every animal lovers can support our cause in many ways because no matter how large or small the contribution, everything helps towards giving a better life to an animal. You can choose how you want your gift to be used.
We seek for your support. Donate generously whatever your community, religion or economic status.

☆ Become sponsor - Donate monthly:

If you want to donate every month and to be a sponsor for us helping in keeping our foundation alive and all this animals safe you are welcome to contact us.

☆ Donate a gift:

If a meal, a blanket or a gift that you want to make for our animals is a small thing this is not true, every small gift or help from you, is a support and a big help for us and our animals.

☆ Volunteer:

Rockys requests time and energy commitment for the days and hours that have been designated by the volunteer in the specified form.
If you wish to volunteer, please complete the application form below.


-If you are an existing volunteer, please mention the date since when you have been volunteering and the centre where you have been volunteering.

Report every street animal or for every abasement and our ambulance will be there to help every animal that is in need.

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