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Is sad to say it but the government of Albania doesn’t support or protect the street animals.
Unfortunately , day by day they keep poisoning and killing them in different ways all over the country and mainly in Tirana city.
For many years the animals were “enjoyed” from rules that kept them protected, but with the recent rules , government has found an easy way how to “deal” with them but liquidate them using a very painful poison which let the animal to suffer for many hours with much of pain and torturing before they die.
Help us to reach our goal and build this amazing foundation so we can start asap our actions and to accelerate building this big home for all this poor animals that are there without protection, saving them from the hands of evil people that abuse and kill them.
Learn ,more about what our government’s recent activities and the local people reaction :

Unfortunately we know that this will never ends , as human nature is not in our side , we will continue to notify you and publish here more news !
If you noticed any crime, made by our government or by an evil person , please don’t hesitate and share it with us anonymously so we can publish it ! You don’t have to identify yourself , just contact us in “contact us” section or by our SOS line .We thank you for being brave and supporting us !

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