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Rocky's Legacy


Rocky was born in September 2004 , in the street , among 3 of his other brothers & sisters who were abounded .
Unfortunately from all of them he was the only one who survive . He was very sick with diarrhea and fever and I have found him in the age of 1 month old only .
From the very first moment he has showed signs of life and the willing to make it through and to gain his life back .
The time has passed and he has grew up to be a row model for other dogs with his great attitude and style , being so friendly and helpful to other dogs , cats and many people who were just smile once he was passing around them .
During his years he was involved in 3 different car accident that gladly didn’t take his life .
10 years ago a huge Pit-bull dog has attacked him badly, but he didn’t give up , got operated and recovered completely within a few months only . A big surprise taking consideration the size and his injury, but once again he has surprise and chooses life
An year later I have discovered a cancer tumor on his belly on the size of 6.5 cm’ . After a fast operation and with professional hands of the great Dr.Bagli he came back on his feet a week after , coming back to make people smile and other animals to be inspired .His spirit has once again refuse to let go and kept fighting .
At 2020 , at first pandemic Corona-Virus has started , he has got paralyze completely on his rear legs for 3 months . he seems very weak and lost , so hopeful and tired , being cared by me day by day so he can walk a bit and make his needs on the field.
I have started an experimental treatment to him and on the 4’ day he just woke up from bed , jumping with his four legs like a small puppy that waiting to live this life . My eyes were amazed for what I have seen and for this miracle ! against all odds he has made it once again ! Rocky’s spirit was refusing to go away from us , fighting for life in any way possible .
On 10.6.2021 , on the age 17 Rocky has woke up in the morning very weak , bleeding from his stomach and seems very lost , buy I have refused to believe that this his last step , after all – that’s Rocky ….
Unfortunately he has passed away after 5 days , laying next to all his loving people including myself and his dogs mates he has been living with the past years .
We have buried him in Tirana , in an area full of hills and green nature , were he always run wild and felt that freedom its part of his life .

His love and dedication to the other has led us to open this amazing project ! his spirit is living among us day by day and we are sure that building this project is the right thing to do to cherish his memory and keeping other animals away from starvation , suffering , abusing , cold/heat and loneliness and to convert them into an healthy & happy life as they deserved !

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